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Shot blasting machine safety operation procedures

After purchasing the shot blasting machine in Qingdao, users should familiarize themselves with and understand the "Safety Operation Procedures for Shot Blast Cleaning Machine" provided by the manufacturer of Qingdao Donghailin Shot Blasting Machine. The workers who operate the shot blasting machine need to carry out the product before the job. Training, and it is necessary to be familiar with the performance of the machine before operation, Now Donghailin tips will speak: Qingdao shot blasting machine safety operation procedures.

1.Pre-post shot blasting machine knowledge training

1)Shot blasting machine that uses the high-speed projectiles thrown by the blaster to clean or strengthen casting equipment on the casting surface. The shot blasting machine can perform sandfall, core removal and cleaning on the casting at the same time. In some areas, it is also known as a sandblasting machine and a sandblasting machine.

2)Shot blasting machine is a kind of processing technology that impacts the surface of a material object by blasting the steel grit steel at high speed through a shot blasting device. Compared to other surface treatment technologies, it is fast, effective, and can be partially retained or stamped after the casting process

2.Daily inspection before work

1). Workers who operate shot blasting machines should wear shoes, hats, work clothes and other labor insurance products according to the standards before they are put on the job, so as to avoid personal safety due to irregular wear.

2). The handover of work should be done with a "transition record", and do a detailed job of the problems encountered in the operation of the machine and problems to be dealt with.

3). Check the use of the active link components and the looseness of the bolt connection. Also, the bolts should be reinforced regularly to avoid loosening and causing machine failure.

4). Check whether each active linkage component needs to increase lubricating oil to avoid causing damage to the component due to friction and cause potential safety hazards.

5). Check the use of shot blasting machine wearing accessories, focus on checking the wear of rubber curtains, guards, rollers and other accessories, so that timely replacement of damaged or excessive wear and tear parts.

6)Seriously check whether any debris left behind in the machine has not been cleaned up. Clean up should be done in a timely manner to prevent debris from plugging and causing the shot blasting machine to malfunction.

7). Check the indicators before turning on the machine. Before starting the machine, confirm that the room is empty and the access door is closed and reliable. A signal must be given before starting the machine so that people near the machine can leave.

3.Machine operation precautions

1). Start the ventilation and dust collection motor, check the operation, confirm the normal operation, and start the shot blasting machine. Before the shot blasting machine is started, the control valve for the iron pellets must not be opened.

2). Observe whether there is deviation in the steel at any time. Slip should be eliminated in time. Also, check the quality of steel cleaning regularly. If necessary, adjust the ejection angle of the projectile and the roller conveyor speed.

3). Pay attention to whether the vibration and sound in the operation of the blasting machine are normal, the temperature rise of the bearing and the motor, and when the abnormality occurs, stop the inspection, troubleshoot or replace the blade.

4). wet steel plate is strictly prohibited to enter the blasting room for shot blasting.

5). When the machine runs abnormally, shut down immediately, check the cause and remove it in time.

6). At the end of the blasting chamber work, the pellets should be closed and the air intake must be stopped. Then, the blasting machine motor is turned off and the fan is stopped.

4.Handovers after the completion of work

1). It is necessary to cut off the power of the shot blasting machine and remove the debris on the lower screen of the separator.

2). My daily maintenance and cleaning work on the machine needs to be performed.

3).With the staff coming to take over the "matching shift record".

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The above four articles are provided by tips, “Qingdao Shot Blasting Machine Safety Operation Regulations” provided by Qingdao Donghailin Shot Blast Machine Manufacturer. If you have any questions about the shot blasting machine, please contact the following contact information, our professional technical engineers are ready to explain the shot blasting machine's knowledge and precautions.



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