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How to improve the working efficiency of road shot blasting machine

The working efficiency of the road shot blasting machine is closely related to its working conditions and the quality of the shot blasting machine itself. Today, Dong Hailin  said how to improve the working efficiency of the road shot blasting machine.

I. Working conditions of road shot blasting machine:

1. When the steel plate is treated, the suitable humidity is less than 90% when the steel surface is shot and the humidity is less than 95% when the concrete is shot.

2. The surface roughness of the working surface type shot blasting machine is less than 20mm. The slope is less than 25° and there is no accumulation of water.

3. The working altitude is between 0m and 3000m, and it cannot be used in rainy or snowy weather.

4. The working environment temperature is controlled between -20°C and 60°C. The surface temperature of the steel plate is greater than 3°C above the dew point.

II.The working efficiency of road shot blasting machine

1. Work efficiency on the cement surface: 200~400 square meters/hour.

2. Work efficiency on the steel plate is: steel quality grade SA 2,5 to SA3 speed: SA2,5 about 4 meters/minute; speed: SA3 about 3 meters/minute, processing area per hour: SA2, grade 5, about 75-100 square meters/hour.

Qingdao Donghailin produces one or two shot blasting machines for moving road type shot blasting machines. The higher of throwing efficiency , the greater area of swept by the shot blasting machine per unit of time,this is the key to increase the mobile road shot blasting machine.

Therefore, in the production of road-type shot blasting machines, we will handle different efficiency according to customer requirements, equipped with different working efficiency of the blasting machine and customize its sweeping area during the work process, and more about improving the road shot blasting machine. For information on work efficiency, please call our senior engineer: 400-0532-768, and you will be satisfied with the road-type shot blasting machine.



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